Perry G. Davis and rickshaw man in Yokohama, Japan. Collection of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum.

Collection name: Perry G. Davis Collection.

Collection number: LAMMRL0060

Type of resource: Black and White Photographic Print.

Print size: 7” x 5”. Mounted on card folio from photographic studio in Yokohama.

Subjects: rickshaw, two-wheeled cart, shop fronts.

Date: circa 1908

Verso text: none

People: Perry G. Davis, rickshaw puller

Description of resource:

About ½ cu. ft. of photographs, postcards and diary from personal collection Collection of Perry G. Davis, (born 1886 in Missouri) a sailor on ships of the Great White Fleet (named in leather-bound portfolio) during a tour of the Pacific rim countries at the beginning of the twentieth century. Postcards are hand-colored, printed in Japan, and black and white photographs taken in China. Dates given in his journal and seaman’s papers are between 1908-1911.

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